Defense Measures – and suddenly you are the focus point

A stock-listed without any major shareholders and therefore a high free float must always fear an unexpected hostile takeover. When it happens, it often starts suddenly and out of the blue – in such a situation many targeted companies are not well prepared. The clock starts ticking now – many companies lose time in the first few hours after a public takeover announcement to get themselves coordinated.

MAIDAN Capital Advisors advises you on how to prepare such situations in advance for example by

  • outlining - together with a legal advisors - the basic framework and behavior rules
  • developing – together with a legal advisor – protective legal as well as corporate governance measures
  • analyze the company’s overall HR situation in light of a hostile takeover scenario
  • compiling details of key shareholders as well as internal and external stakeholders
  • developing the “chain of command” in a takeover scenario
  • developing a communication strategy as well as preparing the respective internal as well as external communication
  • preparing the best strategy to approach “white knights”
  • summarizing all documentation in a “Red Book”

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