Special Situations - staying focused when it becomes more challenging

In a Special Situation time is of essence as a kind of emergency situation is arising or already there. Various options need to be analyzed in detail, decisions taken and a clear path has to be executed. We provide efficient advice in a very confidential manner.

MAIDAN Capital Advisors can support you with:

  • Analysis of your current situation and determination of your (immediate) liquidity or capital requirements
  •  Preparation of a detailed action plan
  • Preparation of a detailed business plan or updating your existing plan
  • Company valuations
  • Preparation of respective data rooms as well as transaction documents
  •  Search for a long-term strategic or financial investor or cooperation partner
  • Search for debt providers
  •  Support in (re)negotiations with existing debt providers
  • Conduction Special Situations M&A or the (immediate) sale of certain assets
  • Project Management

In an insolvency situation we support the insolvency administrator by identifying potential interested parties and conducting a respective Mergers & Acquisitions process.

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